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Moon - Völuspa

Moon - Extinction (Album). Background - Moon: Heavy, melodic, spacious; echo-laden guitars; post-rock bass; shifting time signatures; haunting ethereal vocals. Moon formed in 2010 when drummer Chris Schneberger met guitarist and vocalist David Azizinamini  through Craigslist and invited a bassist he'd tried out with before. The sound they made was instantly cavernous and chiming. After writing a few songs, the sound of the band grew heavier and more propulsive. The group played some initial shows in small clubs in late 2010, and early 2011. After an early EP, Started In The Dark, Moon recorded their debut album in 2012.  Finding and Losing the Light featured six songs including the titular two song suite. Bigger shows followed, opening for Sleepy Sun and Hounds Below at Chicago’s Double Door, opening for Driftless Pony Club at Subterranean Chicago, Blood Red Shoes at Subterranean and Kinski at Subterranean. In addition, Moon headlined their own show with local bands Nature Sho