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So Are We - FM Collective - Turkey The Bird - Jenny Banai - Elana Stone

So Are We have shared 'LA Love' today ahead of their new album, it's a refined and melodic Americana piece that exudes both warmth and feeling. === FM Collective have released a gem of a song entitled 'In My Backyard', their indie music is fabulously constructed and delivered. === Turkey The Bird have given us a beautiful, uplifting and refreshing track called 'Everybody Needs A Little Sunshine'. === Having already shared four tracks this year Jenny Banai returns with the full album 'Couchwalker' and I have to say the additional eight songs that make up the collection have all been worth the wait, this is a fabulous release. === Elana Stone has shared a video for 'Permanent Limbo' a rhythmic, catchy and melodic song.   =================================================== So Are We - LA Love. So Are We’s long awaited album 'Piece of the Puzzle' is now ready for release! Warm, harmonic and beautiful Americana inspired pop music. So Ar

Jenny Banai - Anna Erhard - The William Brothers Shipping Company

Jenny Banai makes her fourth appearance here this year with 'Paper Plain' and it's another strikingly impressive modern pop piece. === Anna Erhard just released 'Short Cut' along with a video, it's a catchy, quirky and satisfying song. === The William Brothers Shipping Company new E.P is 'The Cedarhouse Sessions' where acoustic music and splendidly natural vocals come together from this notable indie folk rock band. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Jenny Banai - Paper Plain. “Paper Plain,” the newest single from the forthcoming full-length, is a lo-fi conglomeration of bits and pieces. Its simple groove is carried by mostly two chords – not Jenny’s regular style – and has a freeform melody that borders on melodic rap. Jenny Banai blends jazz, folk, and rock into sophisticated pop music that both celebrates and laments the dynamic of human relationships and the relationship with on

The Sea The Sea - Jenny Banai - Ramiro Fauve

The Sea The Sea have shared 'Fall Before The Climb' and it's a soothing, atmospheric modern folk piece with delicate melodic vocals and a flowing musical backdrop. === Making her third appearance here this year Jenny Banai returns with the new song 'Gold' and her lush modern pop sensibilities continue to really impress. === Ramiro Fauve first single from 'Where Rivers Cross Vols. 1 & 2', due October 6th, 2020 is 'I Give You All I Have' and as a foretaste of what's to come this is a powerful modern country rock song that packs feeling. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Sea The Sea - Fall Before The Climb. Frequently lauded for their otherworldly vocal harmonies, heart-piercing lyrics, and unconventional song arrangements, The Sea The Sea – comprised of Chuck and Mira Costa - continue to make waves in the music industry. The New York-based indie folk-pop duo is releasing “

Endless Forms - Zoe & Cloyd - Jenny Banai

We have three tracks from Endless Forms brand new album 'More Than Candy' with each song exploring differing styles where warm synths, dramatic musical backdrops and refined vocals vie for our attention. === We featured Zoe & Cloyd around a year ago (time flies) and their new song 'Where Do You Stand' is a thoughtful piece with some classic Americana vibes. === Jenny Banai was featured back in February with 'Couch Walker' and her new song 'Intermittent Heart' is another gorgeous and imaginative modern pop affair. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Endless Forms - More Than Candy (Album). Endless Forms have released their third album, More Than Candy. The album is their first since 2017's If There Were Water and follows an appearance of their song "Lungs" on Netflix show Elite. "This is serious listening for the serious-minded music fan," V13 raved in a review

Kalbells - The Hempolics - Malena Zavala - Jenny Banai

Kalbells has released 'Cool and Bendable' today along with a video, the song starts out gently enough but builds with wonderful intensity and passion. === We featured The Hempolics a couple of times last December and now we have the new video for 'Bongadasi' which is a potent mixture of reggae and funk. === We began February with a song from Malena Zavala and just four weeks later we have 'La Yarará' a vibrant mixture of Latin influences and Reggaeton. === Jenny Banai has shared a new song entitled 'Couch Walker' and it's a melodic and rich modern pop ballad with plenty of class. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kalbells - Cool and Bendable. Today, Kalbells (the project led by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Kalmia Traver) announced Mothertime, a four track EP she co-produced with Jeremy Malvin (aka Chrome Sparks). The cathartic lead single and accompanying music video for “Cool