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Midnight Clover - Misty Blues - Mojow

Midnight Clover - FLoW (Album). Midnight Clover is an up-and-coming alternative rock band who consider themselves to be innovators in their genre. Brimming with talent, Midnight Clover’s alternative rock provides a refined version of the popular genre, as if their music is an ode to the classics while simultaneously being full of innovation. With their second studio album titled ‘FloW’, Midnight Clover has certainly exceeded the expectations of fans worldwide.  Midnight Clover formed around 7 years ago when guitarist Johnie Stomp encouraged Amber ‘Clover’ Corby to sing. She taught herself how to structure songs and even helped recruit the band bassist Roman, and band drummer Jimmie. The rest is history.  The Las Vegas-based band released their debut record, Turner, in 2016, and have previously also released two EP’s titled ‘Lovage’ and ‘Never Bring Me Down’. ‘FloW’ features eight tracks and was recorded at June Audio Recording Studios in Provo, UT.  Gaining inspiration from influentia

R.W. Roldan - Misty Blues - Acoustic Black

From R.W. Roldan we have the new album 'Can You Feel This' and what a gorgeous album it is. His mixture of folk and Americana is melodic and produced to a very high standard, however it is the story telling lyrics that make a fabulous difference. They are totally engaging and can't but help draw the listener in, this collection of songs is thoroughly recommended for a listen! Misty Blues recently released their 8th studio album 'Pickled & Aged. They are a natural blues band who take their music into other musical areas without losing that blues centred feel, they can add in some funk, jazz or whatever, the music remains consistently honest and quite addictive, this is a class act. We have a music video from Acoustic Black for one of their singles 'Destiny Ride' which is also included on their forthcoming album. The bands mixture of feisty vocals, acoustic and electric rock combination is well demonstrated by the featured song, and overall there is an up