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Monday Mix: Au/Ra - Aristophanes - KOYO - Ren - The Kate Lush Band

Au/Ra - Kicks. Background - Following the success of her debut single ‘Concrete Jungle’ - Ibiza born, Antigua based artist Au/Ra has released her second single ‘Kicks’. "What’s dust to you is gold to me, but we’re just different books to read - where every single chapter is another cliff hanger” rings out in the scintillating pre-chorus, with Au/Ra continuing her penchant for surrealist lyricism. Backed up by a spirited rhythm section and thick, brooding bass-heavy production - ‘Kicks’ is an alternative pop song of the highest order, carefully sprinkled with flecks of bright electronics and intelligent synth work. Au/Ra clearly feels she’s a little different from her peers. Raised in Antigua after moving there from Ibiza at the age of 5 - she’s no doubt grown up to appreciate the small things in life. Not one to go out “chasing dollar bills” - she instead finds the excitement in her songwriting process - “when my thoughts start to rhyme, goosebumps never lie.” Speaking on the t