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Carter Sampson - Jarrod Dickenson - Rama Lama Records 2020

Continental Record Services have shared a few songs this week and we have chosen a couple starting with Carter Sampson and 'There's Always Next Year'. Lyrically timely and poignant, it's also one very fine, melodic and engaging Americana track ===== Secondly we have Jarrod Dickenson and his beautiful cover version of the George Harrison song 'I Live For You'. Packed with natural feeling this is a refined piece which takes the song into a more Americana dimension. ===== For a second year we have a compilation from Rama Lama Records where many of the artists have been featured by us over the past twelve months, such is the quality of the music and artists the Stockholm label manages to work with. ==================================================== Carter Sampson - There's Always Next Year. Continental Record Services write - On the brink of a new year, we hope to please you with some releases that also surprised us. Covid/Corona Quarantines, however much we d

Kluster - Shaman Elect - Margot - Carter Sampson

Kluster - In Your Hometown. Background - Kluster was founded by four friends and a virtual drummer in Malmö 2014, a real life drummer joined in shortly afterwards and the gang was complete. Since, the quintet has been active on as well the Malmö indie scene as playing shows in Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, supporting acts such as Frankie Cosmos and Nicole Sabouné. Debut single Over My Head was released in February to praise from Line of Best Fit, Spotify's Fresh Finds and more. Today, the success of the debut is followed by new single In Your Hometown and the announcement of debut album civic, out June 15th via Rama Lama Records. In Your Hometown is yet another glimpse of Kluster's playful sound - a melting pot of broad influences such as pop, punk, noise, lo-fi, indie and jazz. According to the band, "In Your Hometown is somehow about paranoia; it's about a very scared man who hid in his hoody for all his life and never discovered the world around him. He was a