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Haiku Garden - Curtsy

Haiku Garden - Catch My Breath. Hailing from Ljubliana, Slovenia's flagbearers of muddy guitar noise and dreamy vocals Haiku Garden proudly present their highly anticipated debut full-length effort. They play noisy, guitar-driven music, interlaced with poppy vocal harmonies. Shoegaze, dreampop, neo-psych and noise rock are all thrown into the equation. Since their debut EP Waver in 2016, with single “Rosetta” winning Song of the Day honors on KEXP, the band has run a long way: they already toured Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Lithuania and Austria, playing festivals all over Europe and opening for the likes of The Jesus & Mary Chain and SUUNS in 2017. Where If Not Now sounds very much like a cinematic experience, marking the sound of a fully fleshed-out band exploring, disintegrating and advancing their shoegaze foundation with abrasive, experimental, and even melodic approaches, imbuing their sound with a distinctive sonic signature. Nine song

Curtsy - Benjamin Folke Thomas - O Future

Curtsy - A Better Pet. Background - “A Better Pet” combines unforgiving rhythmic momentum with captivating melodies to evoke the self-destructive apprehension that too often plagues the insecure romantic. It's about an individual who picks fights in their first relationship because they're more comfortable with chaos than coming to terms with the idea of needing someone. The video concept revolves around freedom from insecurity--allowing yourself to enjoy life with the people you love in a no-rules territory. We want to enjoy life and have fun with no strings attached. Sharing these kinds of moments with the people we love is the greatest feeling in the world. These are nights where we feel free and have more fun than we've had in a long time. Curtsy is an indie-rock five piece consisting of Austin Knecht, Crystal Napoles, Kai Dodson, Tamara Simons, and Jonathan Palmquist. Curtsy was formed when Austin Knecht (vocals, guitar) auditioned as a lap steel player for a