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Sluka - KINLEY - Katie Burden - Emma Charles - Frank Moyo

Sluka have shared 'VIP' accompanied by a video that is a dog lovers dream. Using the expression below the song is beautifully Avant-Alternative and some. === KINLEY has just released her self titled album from which we have 'Tuesdays Child', we shared the song 'Washington' last month and both typify the sheer quality of the album. === Katie Burden has released her 'Edge Of Sleep' E.P we featured the title track a couple of months back and now have the full E.P from this talented & creative artist. === Emma Charles makes her fourth appearance on Beehive Candy with the gently melodic folk pop track 'Connecticut'. === Frank Moyo just released 'Friend Of Mine' which is a refined and very catchy alt rocker. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sluka - VIP. San Diego-based Avant-Alternative Rock artist Sluka and the immersive new music video for single VIP, taken from the full-

Emma Charles - Phonettes - Weed & Dolphins

Emma Charles returns with a new single 'You' not that many weeks after we featured her last release 'Vertigo'. Once again her vocals are sensitive and heartfelt on this melodic and dreamy track. === We have already shared three songs from the new E.P. by Phonettes now we have the full collection as 'Algorithm Love' is set for release this Friday. === Weed & Dolphins is about to release 'High' a powerful and feisty alt rocker with plenty of rock and roll hooks along the way. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Emma Charles - You. Los Angeles-based folk-pop singer/songwriter Emma Charles has reteamed with longtime producer/collaborator Doug Schadt (Shaed, Maggie Rogers) on her new single, their fourth together, “You.”  With themes of love, companionship and gratitude at the fore, Charles creates a gorgeously evocative vibe with an acoustic guitar and piano--based track with electronic flour

Sofia Härdig - Poppy Jean Crawford - Emma Charles - The Cordial Sins - Iggy Mayerov - Kerry Hart

Sofia Härdig makes her seventh appearance on Beehive Candy with 'Radiant Star' taken from her forthcoming album 'This Big Hush', and as always her powerful post punk creation impresses. === Poppy Jean Crawford shares 'Same Old Tricks' a track that benefits in part from her musical influences, but only in the sense that she has set her creative standards pretty high. === Folk pop singer songwriter Emma Charles latest single 'Vertigo' is a gorgeous affair, her notable vocals contrasting with a slow beating backdrop. === We featured The Cordial Sins last month and now we have a video for 'You Are A Weight' which is the first track on their superb new E.P 'In Memory'. === From Prague in the Czech Republic dream pop band Iggy Mayerov have shared a video for 'Silence' a song fuelled by melodic hooks and a marching beat. === Kerry Hart has released a beautiful song entitled 'Secret Garden' where her wonderful vocals are supp

Moon Panda - Jacko Hooper - Emma Charles

Moon Panda - Gun. Moon Panda, the moniker under which Californian songwriter Maddy Myers and Danish guitarist Gustav Moltke collaborate - have announced a brand new single 'Gun' to follow their critically acclaimed debut track 'Rabbit' released earlier in the year. The lyrics on new track, 'Gun', outline the darker thoughts within "the capricious human mind", says Myers. 'Gun' was produced by established engineer Tom Biller who has worked on records such as Warpaint’s The Fool and Fiona Apple’s Extraordinary Machine, to Elliott Smith’s From a Basement on a Hill, and Beck’s track Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime from the OST of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. “To help represent the ever-changing, ever-fickle human mind we used a changing time signature - the verse is in 6/8 and the chorus switches to 4/4. It's not incredibly noticeable but I think it disrupts the sway of the song a bit and switches you into a new rhythm," s