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Globe Trotting: Joe Nisbet Jr - Late Hala - Cameron James Henderson - Georgia Reed

Joe Nisbet Jr - 'Judge Not' Background promo - Following his critically lauded first album (The Gospel According To Mr Niz), KFM Records is delighted to announce the release of Joe Nisbet Jr's first self-penned song, "Judge Not" on Monday 18th July. "The positive things people said about the first album gave me the confidence to start writing and recording my own material, which turns out to have a different sound, but doesn't stray far from the usual obsessions - good times, regrets, early r'n'b, drinking, and a bad attitude to authority. Given the nature of the lyric, I knew the song had to be urgent and honest, so we recorded it very quickly and very live with a group of good friends who just happen to be brilliant musicians - they contributed a level of personality and attitude that you don't often get in the studio - and I think that comes across - although it sounds like a badly behaved gospel meeting in a New Orleans hip-hop club, i

Midweek Quality: Georgia Reed - RonjoV

Georgia Reed - Waiting For You To Run. Background promo - Perth’s Georgia Reed gives us her debut single ‘Waiting For You To Run’. Drawing influence from leading female vocalists in the industry, Georgia creates her fierce and brooding signature sound, a cross between the likes of The Jezabels, Florence & The Machine and Lana Del Rey. She is no stranger to her city, having an extensive live music apprenticeship of Perth’s bars and basements, and in 2015 adorning billboards around WA as a face of The Bigger Picture Campaign. Produced by James Newhouse at Reel2Real Studios and Mastered by Grammy Award Winner William Bowden at King Willy Sound (Gotye, Little May, Empire Of The Sun, Children Collide), ‘Waiting For You To Run’ tells the story of a relationship’s looming demise, a story intensified by the emerging artists vocals. Waiting For You To Run is about two people denying the inevitable end of a relationship. It’s like they say, when you say it out loud it becomes real. T