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Blue Nation - Blake Brown & The American Dust Choir - Fontaines DC

Blue Nation - Rich Girl. Background - Blue Nation come confidently striding out on to the streets to deliver you their brand new grooving slice of gritty sing-a-long, fist in the air, authentic rock. ‘Rich Girl’ the new single from midlands very own Blue Nation is released 23rd March. The single is taken from the brand new forthcoming album due for release later this year. The riff-rocking Birmingham trio, pair the unrestrained emotions of music with the capricious nature of life. Front man Neil Murdoch explains; ‘Travelling on a train back from London a girl sat next to me (Neil) and began to sob her heart out. She had just left her fella as she had caught him cheating. During the journey, said cheater rang the heart broken girl and begged her to come back to him, promising to never do it again. It became obvious that the relationship was based on lies and convenience. Said girl then started to negotiate with the cheater about what he would give her to come back to him…a car, a hol

Blake Brown & The American Dust Choir - Las Rosas - Honey Child

Blake Brown & The American Dust Choir - Stop Shakin'. Background - Denver-based group Blake Brown & The American Dust Choir shares the first track "Stop Shakin'" off their debut LP Long Way Home. "Stop Shakin'" is about living in the moment, standing up for yourself and moving on no matter how terrifying the situation may seem.  Frontman Blake Brown says of the track, “Please Stop Shake, Shake, Shakin', 'cause it's break, break, breakin' me down." It's almost as if the chorus of the song is to remind myself that we all face those situations and demons. The trick is finding a way to navigate through it and being ok with the result. Possibly admitting defeat, or at least acknowledging that an honest try was given. We have to take chances and hopefully we’re better off for doing so; even if it does rattle us." Blake Brown & The American Dust Choir is made up of frontman Blake Brown (vocals/guitar), Tiffany Brow