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All Things Blue - Grog Log. LA dream-punk duo All Things Blue return with new single "Grog Log". The new single teases the release of a new EP from the band, and follows the pair's widely acclaimed debut album Get Bit, released in 2020. Led by singer and guitarist India Coombs and accompanied by longtime songwriting partner Jon Joseph, All Things Blue together create "dream-punk" soundscapes in their most tender form; celebrating life's experiences and wrapping them in the soft tones of 60s analog. New single "Grog Log" is an escapist, psych-imbued slice of indie-rock, combining the classic teachings of the golden age of pop including The Ronettes and The Beach Boys, with the lucid psych-pop of Melody's Echo Chamber and La Luz. Speaking on the release of the new single, India Coombs said: "Musically, Grog Log is inspired by Tiki Drinks. Lyrically, it’s inspired by real life, while a beautiful thing, is also filled with let downs and situa

The Magnettes - The Warp/The Weft - Eric Brace & Last Train Home - VanWyck - Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard

The Magnettes - Monster. ”Uh,-oh, we created a monster!” Pajala’s finest pop trio The Magnettes has stumbled out of the studio, signed a new record deal, and return to form with new single ”Monster” – an upbeat, bass-driven bop blending doo-wop choruses, cut-throat horn stabs, new wave synths and a brushy street shuffle. ”Monster” is about that flirty, sexy, excruciating stage where it’s like ”will-they-won’t-they?”, singer Rebecka Digervall explains. You’re a nervous wreck, trying to downplay your feelings but they’re growing and growing. We’ve definitely been there, adds Sanna Kalla. The gushing, blood rushing, tingly thing that’s partly sweet, mostly unbearable. The single will feature a 50’s small-screen noir video directed by Martin Åhlin, displaying their flare for playful retro looks and cinematic visuals The Magnettes hail from Pajala, Sweden and have toured in 19 countries including performances at SXSW, Summerfest, Canadian Music Week, Golden Melody Awards, Eurosonic and Ree

Berry - VanWyck - Rainbow Reservoir

Berry - Fragments. Background - The music of Berry is a strange animal. But writing and recording over 100 songs in their 15 years together has resulted in some dense, delicate, graceful pop songs with a certain Searching for Bobby Fischer mentality. Berry formed in 2002 on Martha’s Vineyard when guitarist/vocalist Joey Lemon and drummer Paul Goodenough connected at an intensive four-month music program. When they returned to the Midwest, the two recruited college friend and keyboardist Matt Aufrecht. Their first LP, Marriage (Right Place Records), was released the following year and was met with critical acclaim, allowing the band to tour extensively throughout the country. After several tours and bass players, Berry moved to Chicago in search of a city that would fit their quirky and idiosyncratic music. There, they began a recording frenzy, releasing a series of six EPs between 2007 and 2008. To promote these releases, the band embarked on a novel idea for a tour. Foregoing the u

The Begowatts - Lower Pink - VanWyck - Mean Motor Scooter - Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah - Warbly Jets

The Begowatts - Grand Charade (EP). Background - The Begowatts craft a distinctive blend of rock & roll, rooted in deep 70’s grooves with an ear toward modern atmospheric aesthetics. Formed in 2012 in Madison, Wisconsin, the band built buzz across the Midwest and honed their live presence through relentless touring and Pabst Blue Ribbon consumption. Along the way, the foursome’s sound evolved at a steady clip. While early Begowatts paid faithful homage to classic rock, the band has matured toward a tighter, more immediate fusion of old and new which they christen, “21st century electric rock & roll.” Within a short time they went from packing basement parties to being the house band at Madison’s world famous Bike Shop and released their self-titled EP in 2015. The EP’s response gave the band the confidence they needed to pony up for a professionally recorded full length debut, and in June of 2016 they released the LP, Photoelectric, to glowing reviews and nominations for t