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Ana Egge - Bronston - The Dead South - Box Of Moxie

Ana Egge has just released the video for 'Cocaine Cowboys', it's her second feature on Beehive Candy the last being in April 2018 when we remarked on her "melodic and gorgeous vocals". Well that remains the same and the inclusion of Iris DeMent on harmonies this time, really is something special! Scottish alt-rock four piece Bronston have released 'Burnt Snakes' a potent bluesy rocker with perfectly matched vocals and a tight and feisty band adding plenty more. The Dead South are already well know to many and rather popular to say the least, however 'Diamond Ring' is just such a fabulous song from the Canadian Bluegrass band, it just has to be included. In February we first featured Box of Moxie with the track 'Submission Admission' and he is more than welcome back with the new song 'Bounty From The Seas' as the genre wanderer continues to release more fabulous material. ----------------------------------------------------

Box of Moxie - Lola Bates - Eyesore & the Jinx - Ian George

We start with the title track from Box of Moxie's sixth studio album, the song typifies the quality and beauty of this collection of music. Lola Bates impresses us with a song that packs vibrant energy along with some very catchy hooks. Eyesore & the Jinx mixture of punk, psych and raw rock & roll is infectious to say the least, and finally we have something calm, melodic and full of natural folk vibes from Ian George just ahead of his debut album release. Box of Moxie - Submission Admission. A combination of alt-rock, Americana, folksy rock, and avant-garde, Box of Moxie is a manifestation of material that Stephen Jacques gathered throughout his multifaceted professional life as engineer, custom builder, TV host, and actor. Strumming his acoustic guitar along the way, Jacques' real life experiences reveal their truths in a delicate, dreamy, oftentimes humorous fashion. Submission Admission, the band's sixth studio effort, is a compilation of love songs r