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Native Harrow - Eil Marchini - The Hengles - The Navettes

Native Harrow returns to Beehive Candy with a third song this year and an intriguing video to accompany it. The nom de plume of singer-songwriter Devin Tuel, Native Harrow has some accomplished creative talent, the latest song at just under seven minutes length, I would argue, confirms that opinion even further. 'Magpies On Acid' now there's a thought, and Eil Marchini 's new piece with that colourful title, is fast paced as the layers of music intertwine with each other in what is a fabulous and epic arrangement. The Hengles have released (I Dream Of) Jeannie (also a sixties TV show that still has re-runs in the UK) and this song has some timeless vibes that could be from that era, the bands melodic and refined pop is extremely catchy. The Navettes from Manchester in the UK have released the song 'Asleep' a vibrant synth pop track that has charmed it's way into my world, and the delightful back story somehow makes it even more pleasing. -----------