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deux furieuses - The Soft Underground - Rocket - CVC

We have carried the previous three singles from the album, now deux furieuses share the fourth 'Let Them Burn' just a few days ahead of the full release. Well the post punk come full throttle rockers once again impress, this is going to be some album. It's back to July 2018 for our only other feature for The Soft Underground however 'Voicoder' from the art rock duo makes for a creative and pleasing return and a superb teaser for next months 'Anemoia' album release. LA-based quintet Rocket share 'Giants' and the new Mark Needham Mix. It's feisty and potent pop punk that's packed with hooks, they are apparently quite something to catch live. CVC are from South Wales and have just released 'Jungle Fever' where the six-piece slacker funk outfit are just superb, their reputation as a live act is spreading fast around Cardiff, this song deserves to get them noticed further afield. -------------------------------------------------