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Geoff Gibbons - Feng Suave - The Danberrys

Geoff Gibbons new song 'Keep On Driving' has just been shared, we have to go back to November 2017 for our last feature, however this is a wonderful reminder of his talented song writing and beautiful delivery. ===  Dutch duo Feng Suave have a new E.P 'Warping Youth' comprising of six wonderful tracks where timeless soulful moments and exquisite bedroom pop merge and create something very special. === The Danberrys make their third appearance here this year with the new single 'Undertow' ahead of next months album release and again the duos varied Americana, is simply gorgeous. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Geoff Gibbons - Keep On Driving. Vancouver-based Roots/Folk Rock artist Geoff Gibbons is a true storyteller, armed with that rare narrative combination of humility, compassion, and troubador wisdom. His songs are melodic and wholly relatable. Much like Tom Petty or Bruce Springsteen'

Jordan Klassen - Holly Miranda - Geoff Gibbons

Jordan Klassen - Dominika. Background - Jordan Klassen is thrilled to unveil his new music video for the song, “Dominika.” “Dominkia” is off Klassen’s new studio album, Big Intruder, out now via Nevado Music. Klassen says, “For the ‘Dominika’ video I wanted to make something that was playful like the song; silly in an honest way. We were inspired by a lot of late 80s/early 90s music videos where it felt like the artist just shot a bunch of footage of them hanging around and lip syncing.” Big Intruder is an album about growing up and making adult decisions. The eleven tracks, which Jordan Klassen wrote, recorded and produced himself, venture away from the whimsical soundscapes of his past work and exude themes of growth and maturity, both in lyrics and sound. Klassen previously strived for a cinematic sound, avoiding drum kits but tried to embrace the idea of  'band' on this record. Big Intruder speaks to the dilemma of the overwhelming array of choices available in life, and