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Katie Kuffel - Hollow Graves - She's Got Spies

Katie Kuffel released 'Carillon' two days ago. It's a powerful singer songwriter song that's fabulously arranged, her vocals are captivating, soulful and ooze emotion.  ===== From Hollow Graves we have their new single 'Far Out Summer,' it's produced by themselves in a live performance setting, it's melodic, flows beautifully and has some enchanting psych feeling. ===== She's Got Spies has shared the video for her track 'All Outta Tears' taken from her new album 'Isle of Dogs'. We featured ‘Super Sniffer Dogs' prior to the album release and are really pleased to have the new video which once again helps confirm what a superb collection of music she has recently given us. =================================================== Katie Kuffel - Carillon. Seattle singer-songwriter, Katie Kuffel, announces the release of the first single off her upcoming album this week. Exuding a dream-like trippiness, “Carillon” serves as a source of

Call Me Spinster - Lorraine Nash - She's Got Spies - Partner - Ana Mae

Call Me Spinster shared 'Here You Are' this week and it's a refreshing mixture of sixties girl group pop, fabulous vocals and harmonies with a splendid accompanying video. ===== From Ireland we have Lorraine Nash who today releases 'River'. Lorraine's notable vocals exude a classic folk style whilst retaining a fresh contemporary feel and the musical backdrop is just right. ===== She's Got Spies released 'Super Sniffer Dogs' a couple of days back and it's originality and catchy nature is just so addictive. ===== Partner share their feisty indie rocker and fourth single 'Honey' taken from their next album 'Partner's Never Give Up' due next month. ===== We don't know much about Ana Mae beyond the fact that today she has released the beautiful and dreamy 'That I Would Do' it's one of those short, sweet and just plain wonderful "play me again tunes". ===================================================