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Hundreds - Melby - CocoRosie - Rosie Carney - Ross Palmer

We shared 'Body Of Water' by Hundreds in January and they are back with their third single 'Calling' and it's another splendid electro pop song. === It's a year to the day since we last featured Melby who have just released 'Things I Do When I'm Alone' a melodic indie folk track that is warm and so engaging. === Yesterday CocoRosie released their seventh album entitled 'Put The Shine On' from which we have already shared some tracks, now we have the whole collection and it is everything they promised and more. === Time flies by, it's been over a year since we last featured Rosie Carney whose back with the new single 'When I Look At You'. So this is appearance twelve on Beehive Candy, maybe that's enough of a recommendation in it's own right. === Today Ross Palmer releases 'You Wont Need To Cry' a smooth, melodic alt folk kind of a song and it's beautiful. ----------------------------------------------------

Hundreds - Four Star Riot - The Fatbirds - Lynne Hanson - Tess Anderson - Tex Moonlight

Hundreds have just released 'Body Of Water' a crisp and rhythmic electro pop song where the vocals add melody and a personal feel to the piece. === It's been a while since Four Star Riot last appeared here, the good news is that they are back with a new single entitled 'Wrapped Up' a striking and vibrant indie rocker. === Originating from Belgium The Fatbirds latest track is 'Leaving Tonight' and it's fabulous song that packs emotion whilst drifting somewhere between indie and singer songwriter in style. === Lynne Hanson latest song and video is 'Long Way Home' a mixture of Americana and bluesy country rock, her vocals are wonderful and the song is laden with natural passion. === From Tess Anderson we have 'War Paint' where the mixture of alt pop and personal feelings are notable on this very engaging ballad. === As we have said on numerous occasions Beehive Candy is always on the look out for originality and genre defying songs, so Te

Saturday Seven: KingIV - Preampcity - Dolce - Strange Americans - Desert Mountain Tribe - ACES - Hundreds

KingIV - Like I'm Back. Background - After rousing industry attention with her debut single 'No. One', Melbourne artist KingIV makes a heady return with 'Like I'm Back', and was officially released yesterday. 'Like I'm Back' heralds a more intricate approach for KingIV, whose bold previous single 'No. One' was spun on triple j's Good Nights. Intoxicating and breathless, but never falling too far into its own darkness, KingIV's latest offering delicately spins a world shaped by obsession. Synths undulate and warp in a fitting mimicry of disorienting internal tension; testament to KingIV's innate ability to capture honest human emotion with electronic sound. Equal parts push and pull, inky and exhilarant, 'Like I'm Back' ultimately speaks from a platform of strength and self-possession. Facebook here . The vocals provide the melody and the soundtrack adds rhythm and atmosphere making 'Like I'm Back'

Alternative Take: I Wish I Was a Fish - Hundreds - Of Gentlemen & Cowards - Ex Reyes - Daphne Willis

I Wish I Was a Fish - Follow. Background promo - Four intense and crazy days in San Fransisco - that was all it took for Stockholm based artist I Wish I Was A Fish, or songwriter/multiinstrumentalist Frida Teresia Svensson, to finish what is going to be released as her debut EP. The solo project, which started out from an everlasting curiousity towards learning new instruments and finding out what they can do with the songs, finally transformed into shape when Frida met producer Elliott Peltzman during a trip to San Fransisco. Pretty soon after their first creative meeting Frida found herself working in Elliot's studio with a vision to create something where an acoustic live vibe meets an electronic landscape. The material to be heard on the EP; and that is exemplified by new single "Follow", was written while Frida spent an autumn in Berlin. Some of the songs stems from reflections on society, while others are more personal recollections, a way to work through things