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Spaceface - Hollow Everdaze - Head North - Kim Free

Spaceface - Spread Your Head. Background - Spaceface’s music video for their single “Spread Your Head” is a hallucinatory, head-first dive into the pysch-rock band’s Merry Prankster-esque adventures. It offers a visually fantastical, mind-bending glimpse of the band’s live performance, while featuring a mysteriously bizarre character called Glowworm, dancing throughout. Led by frontman Jake Ingalls (guitarist/keyboardist of The Flaming Lips), Spaceface's “Spread Your Head” comes off the band’s recent album Sun Kids and is the perfect catalyst for their upcoming tour. The music video was shot in conjunction with scenes for the film Extremeophilia, in which the band is featured. It offers an even further look into the touring life of Spaceface, as it follows the journey of Glowworm, played by G’nat. Frontman Jake Ingalls, who also is a member of The Flaming Lips, explained, “Our video is sort of a little glimpse into what it’s like on the road with us. It was shot as a much smal

Department S - Kim Free - David Philips - Lonely The Brave

Department S - When All Is Said And All Is Done. Background - Nub Music are proud to announce that Department S will release their first album since 2011, When All Is Said and All Is Done. This 10 track full length album will be released in April 2017 in digital and CD formats, with a limited edition vinyl release. Department S will be touring extensively through 2017 to promote the album. Recorded in London through 2015, the album has been produced and mixed by Pete Jones (former PiL bassist). Department Sare a London based post-punk/new wave band originally formed in 1980. The band, featuring vocalist Vaughn Toulouse, keyboard player Eddie Roxy and guitarist Mike Herbage, released three singles and recorded one album, Sub-Stance. Debut single Is Vic There? charted in the UK at number 22 and saw the band make 3 appearances on Top Of The Pops. Subsequent Stiff Records single Going Left Right also charted, while 3rd single I Want was a hit in many European countries. The band split i

Genre Wander: Mercy Weiss - Kim Free - Playboy Manbaby

Mercy Weiss (ft Christopher and Erin Pellnat) - War. Background - Mercy Weiss is an unsigned singer-songwriter from Brooklyn, who currently lives in Los Angeles.  Her unique songwriting and jazz-influenced vocals can be heard on a variety of collaborations with different musicians and producers.  In 2016, she released the "Mercy EP"  Bandcamp here - a collaboration with Christopher Pellnat, who is also the guitarist in the Poughkeepsie, NY based band, The Warp/The Weft.  "War" is another collaboration with Christopher Pellnat, with the addition of background vocals by Erin Pellnat, of the Brooklyn band, Caretaker.  Mercy wrote war after talking with two homeless drunk veterans at Union Square Park in NYC one day. It was in late August last year that we first featured Mercy, and the new song 'War' confirms (if ever it needed confirming) that Mercy Weiss is one very talented song writer and a beautiful singer. It's well worth checking out some of her