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Hover Bored - Esmé - You Want Fox

Hover Bored - Safe Side. Background - Formed in Wakefield, but now based in Manchester, Hover Bored are an up-and-coming grunge-pop quartet set to release their new single, the fiery, exhilarating Safe Side on March 30th. Searing riffs, rolling bass, crashing drums and bratty vocals coalesce into a fiercely infectious track. Only just breaking the two-minute barrier, it calls to mind the likes of Dinosaur Pile-Up, Honey Lung and King Nun. Hover Bored’s sound is a fuzzy concoction of modern grunge and scuzzed out power-pop. “With our music constantly adapting, 'Safe Side' captures the progression we have made over the past year” the guys explain,“It began as a throwaway idea until we made it the ending of another song. We fell in love with the energy that this small interlude brought to rehearsals and shows; so we decided to make it a full track.” Gigging extensively across the key cities in the musical hot-bed that is the North West of England, Manchester, Liverpool and Le