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Viv & Riley - Paging Doctor Moon - Meagre Martin - Dictator Ship

Viv & Riley - Imaginary People. The new single from Durham indie roots duo Viv & Riley (formerly Vivian Leva & Riley Calcagno) is a wistful look at our many selves, at the refractions of our identities as we navigate the world. "‘Imaginary People’ is about evaluating and juggling all of the different versions of myself," Leva (the songwriter) says. "Was I adventurous and a little reckless? Or was I grounded and measured? Am I kind to myself or too judgemental?" A bittersweet nostalgia lies at the heart of Imaginary People, the new album from Viv & Riley, coming September 15, 2023 on Free Dirt Records. Over ten tracks, the pair applies an indie roots sheen to newly composed pop gems. Rooted originally in the folk tradition, the pair reframe the production into experimental territory, crafting songs that speak to finding a path forward into adulthood in an uncertain world. Gifted songwriters and multi-instrumentalists, Vivian Leva and Riley Calcagno’s

Viv & Riley - Part Bat - Sophia Petro - Arielle Silver - T.R. Burge - Hector Gannet

Photo - Libby Rodenbough Viv & Riley - Is It All Over. The new single 'Is It All Over' from Viv & Riley (formerly Vivian Leva & Riley Calcagno) is released this week and taken from their album coming in September from Free Dirt Records. It's a gently sardonic take on the coming future of climate change and billionaires on Mars. Over soft fingerpicked guitars and a harmonies, Riley wonders if the Arctic will have a baseball field on a field of clover, and whether the mining towns on Mars will have bars or Warby Parkers. I dunno, this song just gets me every time, I think it gets at the absurdity of our current age by amplifying that weirdness into a deadly serious future. Alex Bingham of Hiss Golden Messenger produced the album and you can hear some of the Durham, NC magic on it (Viv & Riley live in Durham)! A bittersweet nostalgia lies at the heart of Imaginary People, the new album from Viv & Riley, coming September 15, 2023 on Free Dirt Records. Over

Briscoe - Jess Nolan - Viv & Riley

Briscoe - The Well. Rising Americana-folk-rock band Briscoe is set to release their debut album 'West Of It All' on 15th September via ATO Records. Produced by Brad Cook (Bon Iver, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats), the album features a collection of folksy hooks and bold songwriting that bridges the gap between classic American roots music and its modern-day incarnation. The band started on the University of Texas/Austin campus, with free backyard performances which quickly led to sold-out gigs at Antone's Nightclub and The Continental Club Gallery. Comprised of bandmates Truett Heintzelman and Philip Lupton, they built their fanbase the old-school way, by constant touring and authentic engagement with the audience. The Texas natives wrote 'West Of It Al'l as graduation loomed in the distance, funnelling the stories of their college experience — from heartbreak to hard-won lessons to weekend trips into the rural countryside — into a raw, rugged blend of c