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Coldplay - Isle Of Wight 2006

Coldplay are one of those bands that seem to be loved or loathed with equal passion. Perhaps the fact that the safe playing world of mainstream music radio, and it's need to rotate some of their early hits with annoying regularity has never helped, and of course the 'celebrity' interest also 'grates'. That said musically they remain a highly distinct sounding band, and lets face it the music blogs are currently awash with articles on the release of the new album 'Viva La Vida' . So for those of you, who like a little Coldplay, here is a copy of their 2006 appearance at the Isle Of Wight festival in England. Set list: 1. Square One 2. Politik 3. Yellow 4. Speed Of Sound 5. What If 6. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face 7. Don't Panic 8. White Shadows 9. The Scientist 10. Til Kingdom Come 11. Perfect Day (Lou Reed Cover) 12. Clocks 13. Talk 14. Swallowed In The Sea 15. In My Place 16. Fix You (plus intro & outro radio chatter) T