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Friendly Rich - NØMADS - Soft Fangs

Friendly Rich  - The Melon Sun. Background from Friendly Rich -  My name is Rich but most people like to call me Friendly Rich. I wear various hats in the creative field ranging from composer, to publisher, and even soon to be Dr in Music Education.  My journey in the music industry started back in the 90s composing music for 3 seasons of The Tom Green Show on MTV. Flash forward to 2017 and I now have released 10 records, a book, and now soon to be a one-of-a-kind video for my new single!  When it came time to make the video for the single, I knew I had to reach out to the folks at Everything Is Terrible, as I’m a big fan. It’s been wonderful working with them, as they perfectly melt my song about a high profile Canadian divorce with North America’s forgotten past!  ‘The Melon Sun’ is from my new full length studio recording The Great Blue Heron, out on Sept 14th, featuring Kevin Breit & Hawksley Workman, Facebook  here . 'The Melon Sun' is a rowdy and riotous blast

Men I Trust - NØMADS - Anja Kotar

Men I Trust - You Deserve This. Background from the band - We recorded You Deserve This last summer. We weren’t supposed to do any music that afternoon, we were really chilled out and in a great mood. We were playing with some rhythms and started having fun with detuned and off-phase synths.  We recorded the guitars and the final vocals last month following our initial idea: it’s all about relaxing, wishing good to oneself and others and the nostalgic joy of feeling part of the universe. Founded in 2014, Men I Trust, is an indie-dance band from Montreal (Canada) who produces its own music videos. “We love smooth sounds, calm melodies and simple rhythms that relax, but make your right foot tap and your chin bounce on the beats. We are all in DYI: we record, mix, master and shoot our music videos ourselves, and we’re loving it!” tumblr here , Facebook here . Ambient vibes, soothing vocals, and a fine melodic feel ensures 'You Deserve This' is a song that registers. Addin

Weekend Wonders: Fast Romantics - Black Needle Noise with Mimi Page - Neil Brophy Band - Souleye (Feat. Alanis Morissette) - Post Death Soundtrack - Anímic - NØMADS

Fast Romantics - Why We Fight. Background - "Why We Fight" is the new single from Toronto 6-piece Fast Romantics. "Why We Fight" is taken from the band’s forthcoming album (set for release in Spring, 2017). Both are released via Light Organ Records/Postwar Records. Anthemic in the truest sense, "Why We Fight" rushes with an energy akin to early music from fellow Canadian indie-rockers Arcade Fire, but with lashings of raw Bruce Springsteen-esque fire. It's perhaps of no surprise, given the Springsteen comparison, that "Why We Fight" was born at a time of political turmoil, written as the US election campaign was underway. However, "Why We Fight" is not a protest song, in the traditional sense. It is perhaps best described as the reflections of a non-American songwriter living close to the border, hyper-aware of the US and its influence over Canada and the world. It's a song about being hungry for something, and fighting for i