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Beehive Candy Talking To - Jen Baron

A week ago we featured singer and songwriter Jen Baron and her composition 'Til I've Got You. Since then we have had the opportunity to ask her some questions, and of course being Beehive Candy use this, as a valid reason to share another song, in this instance 'Joy Machine' a much rockier piece and a really good one at that! The major labels have been slow adopters of all things Internet, do you think they now 'get it'? - I definitely see their presence on platforms like Sound Cloud and Instagram. It's a great way for them to promote their artists. I think we'll only see more engagement in the future. Live gigs or selling music, whats the lucrative one these days? - As a songwriter and producer, I'm rarely out there playing live music. The last time I played live was for a Girls Rock SB benefit concert. For me, I'm focused on licensing my music and working with artists directly to cover the songs I write. What I love about the landscape

Quality Not Quantity: Adult Future - Jen Baron - Carey Ott

Adult Future - The Leaf House. Background from the band - We made a record about you. Yes, you read that right. In a time of disconnect and increased alienation of the individual, the band wanted to make a record that emphasised the singular stories that we all have and share as human beings. What personal story was life-changing for you? How would it come to shape and refine you? What would make your lead headline? Your front page? All of the songs on this record were inspired by personal stories and were utilised as a method to reconcile those feelings of estrangement. It was an attempt to bridge those feelings of isolation that seemingly contradicts a shared environment where people are literally living on top of each other. Drug abuse, mental and physical illness, violence and love – all of these things impact us individually, but when seen as an amalgamation – is the totality of human history. So, we’re here. And we’ll continue to listen to your stories because they inspire u