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Aura Blaze - Richard James Simpson

Aura Blaze - Open-Mindedness (E.P). Award-winning Psychedelic Rock/Dream Pop artist Aura Blaze continues his kaleidoscopic musical and philosophical evolution on the illuminating new 3-song EP "Open-Mindedness". Aura Blaze is the brainchild of New Jersey-based musician Rhode Rachel, who writes, records and produces everything. This EP, out on the auspicious day of December 24, contains two new originals as well as is a cover of The Charlatans (“The Only One I Know”). About "Open-Mindedness" from the Artist: Featuring 3 tracks packed with blazing energy, neon color, and a swirling galaxy of texture and innovative sound design, I can say with confidence that the Open-Mindedness EP is one for the record books. Let the cover art speak for itself as a glimpse into the atmosphere of this release, with the sanctity of transcendental introspection blossoming radiantly through what Aldous Huxley would refer to as the “mind’s antipodes,” or the regions of the mind that one m

The Hengles - Tim Holehouse - Miriam Clancy - Beija Flo - Richard James Simpson

The Hengles first appeared here just three months back when we described their music as melodic and refined pop. The new song entitled 'Those Who Stay Behind' is cut from the same cloth, this band clearly know how to create gorgeous pop. Tim Holehouse shares 'Aveiro' accompanied by a video. His vocals are wonderfully distinct and the musical arrangement and harmonies make this an outstanding alt country song. It's a month to the day since we first featured Miriam Clancy with the song 'The Bells' from her keenly awaited 'Astronomy' album. The follow up track 'The Sound' is a lush hook filled piece with synths, a distinct drum beat and smooth melodic vocals collectively working wonders. Genre defying and beautiful, the new song 'Nudes' by Beija Flo really does up the creative stakes. Personal and passionate, I could easily play this song to often, but it's one to make last, until she surprises us again, something I feel Beija