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Sunbather - Lenkie - Hausers - Sunburn

Sunbather just released 'Wide Open' and the Brisbane dream-pop duo serve up a smooth flowing song with some gorgeous atmospheric vibes. === Today Lenkie shares 'Trouble' where the 17-year-old South African artist (living in New York) impresses with some mature soulful modern pop. === Hausers recently shared 'Phoung Mai' and the Milan, Italy based four piece band deliver some powerful and expansive indie rock. === Sunburn are a Dublin based band whose latest song 'Jump The Gun' has already gained them some deserved attention, the track is a solid rocker with plenty of natural passion. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sunbather - Wide Open. Brisbane dream-pop duo Sunbather have returned with their second single ‘Wide Open,’ an emotive song about finding closure. The first song written for their upcoming debut EP Brown Bread set for release on Friday 26th June, ‘Wide Open’ features lightly

The Claudettes - Highasakite - Nancy - M. Ward - Ava Kaydo - Sunbather

The Claudettes have a brand new album on the way entitled 'High Times In The Dark' and they have just shared 'Bad Babe, Losin' Touch' as a first taste of what's to come. We last featured the band back in March 2018 and I think fair to say were rather impressed to say the least back then. Well fast forward to now and the eleven new tracks and prepare for an upgrade as the Chicago based band deliver some fabulous material. With a couple of more songs scheduled ahead of the album, we hope to dip back in and tempt you even more! === Highasakite make their fourth appearance on Beehive Candy with today's release 'Under The Sun' where the Norwegian band deliver a dreamy, emotional and melodic piece. === As duo's go Nancy deliver an expansive and richly layered sound as is born out by 'It's Just You' a lush and engaging song. === Last month we featured 'Migration Of Souls from M. Ward who is back with 'Unreal City' a flowing a