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Lawn - Keep Shelly in Athens - Brooke Annibale - Dubmatix Meets Future Dub Orchestra

Lawn - Night Life. Last month Lawn announced Bigger Sprout, their new record which is due out July 15th on Born Yesterday, the up and coming Chicago label that is home to bands like Moontype, Cafe Racer and Caution. Written, rehearsed, and recorded under a month-long period, Bigger Sprout explores a feeling of urgency as a theme and a catalyst: urgency to get out of uncomfortable situations, urgency to take relationships more seriously, urgency to work on themselves, urgency to play shows again, urgency to record, urgency to start a family, urgency to make plans and leave old settings behind, urgency to grow up and become more in tune to your surroundings, urgency to quit old habits and pick up new ones. The EP, co-written with former drummer Hunter Keene, is a document that embodies the anxieties of change, for better or worse. Now the band are sharing a second single from the record, a track called "Night Life". Lawn's Mac Folger and Rui DeMagalhaes share lead vocal du

Keep Shelly in Athens - Healthy Junkies - Gold Hick

Keep Shelly in Athens return with 'Neon Glare'. It's been quite awhile since they last appeared here however the brand new song is everything I hoped for as their atmospheric beauty once again shines. === From Healthy Junkies we have the blistering alt rocker 'Last Day In L.A' a song that takes our breath away for a frantic two and a half minutes. === From the opening moments of 'Magma' to the closing of 'Tumult' the forthcoming album 'Formed At Depth' from Gold Hick is a rich electronic collection produced and arranged with notable quality, 'Up Arrow' gives us a glimpse of the whole and the non album track 'Trad Ghost' is a bonus. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Keep Shelly in Athens - Neon Glare The ethereal and swirling sounds of Greece’s Keep Shelly in Athens capture the transient feelings of city life and the inevitable passing of time. With lush melodi

Monogold - QTY - Keep Shelly in Athens - Cormac O Caoimh

Monogold - Cinnamon. Background - Monogold’s new album Babyfood (their sixth album since 2011, out September 29th via Chill Mega Chill Records), includes the heartwarming video for the album’s first single “Cinnamon”.  The prolific NYC-based psych-pop trio recruited a group of young art students from The Good School, a mobile arts education school for young NYC students that specializes in stop-motion animation. Students at The Good School work out of schools all over Manhattan and Brooklyn, so Monogold went into a class to meet with a group of them and talked to them about food, candy and dreams, and the students created this absolutely adorable video that was as weird as the band hoped. All of the kids who worked on the video were between 6-7 years old and did all of the animation by hand, completely on their own. Pretty, pretty amazing! Monogold has been incubating since the release of Yolk in late 2016, with their style and lyrical content developing and slowly evolving into

Lomelda - Keep Shelly in Athens - Beaches - Jess and the Bandits

Lomelda - Interstate Vision. Background - Lomelda, who toured the UK earlier this year as support to Pinegrove, has released "Interstate Vision," the lead single from her upcoming album, Thx. Hannah Read, who performs under the moniker Lomelda, makes music that is textural and spacious.  Her words are suggestive snapshots of loosely knitted observations, depicting quiet moments between friends and lovers and half-remembered celestial occurrences. In her songs, the memory of the past and glimpses of future stretch out on either side of you, and the present is unsteady and always shifting.  f you were to ask Hannah Read what Lomelda means, you'd probably end up with some kind of non-answer and a new topic. It is a guarded secret reserved for those who really pry. It is a high school attempt at describing something vast and powerful yet uniquely quiet and complex. And it is ever-changing. Lomelda is about memory, intimacy, and the tragedies of distance.  As a band,

Common Tongues - Quiet Hollers - Keep Shelly in Athens

Common Tongues - Pioneer. Background - Common Tongues have taken a step in a new direction with their upcoming debut album; with their sound extending towards the experimental, by its presence of electronic instrumentation and powerful song progressions. A new life is given to their powerful indie-folk music. Dancing on the boundary between acoustic and synthetic, Common Tongues  use intricate harmonies, searing violins & bubbling electronics to create absorbing live experiences and records that reveal immersive arrangements and lyrical themes of conflict, decline and rebirth.  Their newest single ‘Pioneer’ from their upcoming debut album 'Divisions', is their gutsiest release yet. Delving into the tradition of intimate singer-songwriting with deeply personal lyrics, Pioneer also reveals a different personality of underlying electronic swells and arpeggios matched by ornate guitar licks. The band explain more about their upcoming album “With Divisions it felt like we