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Zoe Konez and Antonio Lulic - Lake Jons - Philip Brooks

Zoe Konez and Antonio Lulic have shared 'Echo' a gorgeous alt pop song with beautifully harmonised dual vocals and a sweeping musical arrangement. === Lake Jons return for a fourth time on Beehive Candy with 'Human'. Last month we shared the track 'Simone' also taken from their brand new album 'The Coast', as the Finish folktronica duo continue to really impress. === We have the debut E.P from Philip Brooks entitled 'Half alive in a dream' which comprises of singles released this year where dream pop reigns supreme. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Zoe Konez and Antonio Lulic - Echo. Singer-songwriters Zoe Konez and Antonio Lulic combine on the rousing alternative-pop anthem “Echo”. Drawing on influences from Zoe’s indie background and Antonio’s stadium-filling pop tones, it’s an epic piece of pop-fusion that details a longing for adventure at the expense of personal relationshi