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Anne Malin - Brock Mattsson

Anne Malin has just shared 'Empty is the Day' ahead of the October release date for the album 'Waiting Song'. It's looks like we will be able to share two more tracks ahead of the release, in the meantime just enjoy this beautiful song from an album that is equally special and wonderful. === Brock Mattsson has released 'Are You Thinking Of Me' and it's a honest, personal and natural track to immerse ourselves in. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anne Malin - Empty is the Day. The first single from Anne Malin's new album due in October is Empty is the Day. The album Waiting Song explores what it means to be forced into stillness. At times meditative, at times defiant, Anne Malin’s latest album turns inward, moving through themes of impatience, ambition, confinement and memory. Ghosts haunt the landscapes of these songs—ancestors, friends who left the earth too soon, aging and sick loved one