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Genre Wander: Vallens - Shaun Black - Graveyard Lovers

Vallens - Devour. Background - Vallens debut album Consent (out June 24 via HDD). The songs on Consent are quite dark and discuss important issues to songwriter Robyn Phillips, such as the title track of the album "Consent." The song is about various issues around consent, consent to have a stranger talk to you, no means no, why women have to do something triply better than a man to just be considered, and the ever underlying sense that women only do things for the attention of men. Robyn Phillips created Vallens in late 2014 to serve as her performance alter ego, secretly constructing her own world of music alone while playing guitar and gigging in various Toronto projects. The Vallens moniker allowed Robyn to introduce her own sound within the scene under the influence of namesake, David Lynch’s Dorothy Vallens. Conjuring the likes of Rowland S. Howard, Wire, Angelo Badalamenti and Portishead; Vallens has been living deep in the construction of her first record, Consen