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The Golgis - Sol Heilo

The Golgis - Mr Fisher. Background - The Golgis, an Alternative Folk band from the Worthing/Brighton area of the south of England, release their debut single 'Mr Fisher' on 9th March 2018. This debut single from the band is a quintessentially English slice of quirky Jazz Folk replete with saxophone solo and melody horn parts. The song is an infectious and accessible introduction to the band's sound ahead of the release of their album, which is slated for release in early summer. Mr Fisher was written by The Golgis' Tony Whiting about a work colleague. Whiting cites The Beatles as the reason he first picked up a guitar and began to write songs. "Lindisfarne, Caravan, Syd Barrett and the Barrettless Pink Floyd had a lot to do with it as well" he explains. Ade Fettucini also writes songs for The Golgis, characterised by weird time signatures and unlikely key changes. "I always think he is the Lennon to my McCartney" says Whiting. "We help each o