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Spaceface - Hollow Everdaze - Head North - Kim Free

Spaceface - Spread Your Head. Background - Spaceface’s music video for their single “Spread Your Head” is a hallucinatory, head-first dive into the pysch-rock band’s Merry Prankster-esque adventures. It offers a visually fantastical, mind-bending glimpse of the band’s live performance, while featuring a mysteriously bizarre character called Glowworm, dancing throughout. Led by frontman Jake Ingalls (guitarist/keyboardist of The Flaming Lips), Spaceface's “Spread Your Head” comes off the band’s recent album Sun Kids and is the perfect catalyst for their upcoming tour. The music video was shot in conjunction with scenes for the film Extremeophilia, in which the band is featured. It offers an even further look into the touring life of Spaceface, as it follows the journey of Glowworm, played by G’nat. Frontman Jake Ingalls, who also is a member of The Flaming Lips, explained, “Our video is sort of a little glimpse into what it’s like on the road with us. It was shot as a much smal

Weekend Wonders: Hollow Everdaze - Tashaki Miyaki - Gayle Skidmore - Kathryn Claire - Henke Wermelin & His New Love - The Man From Managra - The Holiday Crowd

Hollow Everdaze - Catastrophe. Background - Hollow Everdaze have thrust back into gear for 2017 with new single "Catastrophe", an infectious slice of psychedelic-pop carved from their forthcoming album Cartoons (due for release later this year via Deaf Ambitions). Featuring a rollicking, garage-indebted hook, "Catastrophe" trades swirls of violin present in previous single "Still Ticking" for flourishes of keys and guitar-fuzz -- at times recalling moments of Dutch shoegazer Jacco Gardner. Drenched in reverbed lushness, Hollow Everdaze have been reimagining psychedelic pop since they began in 2007 by lead vocalist, Dan Baulch and bassist, Jackson Kay in their small town hometown of Bacchus Marsh in Western Victoria. Having spent the last year working on the release of their debut full length album, recorded by rising Melbourne producer, John Lee (known for his work with Beaches, Lost Animal, The Ocean Party), mastered by David Walker (NUN, Beaches,

Midweek Muse: Hana Oceans - Hollow Everdaze - Ministry - Samson's Delilah

Hana Oceans - Invincible Borders. Background - Hana Oceans has released her first, highly acclaimed single 'Invincible Borders'​ from her forthcoming EP. Hana from Gothenburg, Sweden, started making music after gaining inspiration whilst travelling the world at a young age. Hana is fiercely passionate about art, and committed to inspiring people through her music, Hana began studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston prior to releasing her critically acclaimed debut EP “Dust” in 2015. Hana's incredible voice coupled with her ability to write powerful and melodic songs led to Spotify announcing her as one of their featured artists within their 'Spotlight 2016' campaign. Hana now has a growing international fan base which has contributed to over 2 million digital streams on Spotify ​alone. Up until the day that Hana started making music she had felt lost at sea with all of her ideas, emotions and creativity. On finding her calling Hana has developed a strong co