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Eat The Evidence - Be The Bear - City Calm Down

Eat The Evidence - Fruit Of The Loot. Background - “This song is about how other countries can't be trusted at looking after their own belongings. What better way to express this than using a slide whistle and swear words.” Eat The Evidence A satirical account of the artistic trappings of the British Empire set to supercharged-ska, ‘Fruit Of The Loot’ is a tongue-in-cheek yet brutally honest address to all those nations, from Greece to Chile and beyond, whose prized cultural artefacts have been pilfered for exhibits in UK museums and galleries. It’s all set to an astonishingly agile brew of agit-ska – all dubby bass, fiesta beats and, yes, that is a slide-whistle solo. The video captures the band dressed as colonialists, visiting the stolen artefacts at the British Museum. A breathtakingly entertaining hybrid of The Specials, NOFX, Ween and The Streets, Eat The Evidence are led by brothers Jack and Tom Lattimer, skilled musicians whose deceptively dextrous playing demands eq