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Gordon Lightfoot - Demos 1964 - 1966

This is the fourth edition of Beehive Candy's 'rarities and collectors items' where we feature very listenable but hardly audiophile standard recordings. On this occasion we have Gordon Lightfoot and a collection of demo recordings that have circulated under the title 'Warner 7 Art Demos, and feature material from 1964 - 1966. Despite the fact that most of Gordon Lightfoot's major and international success came in the 1970's He was gaining attention in Canada from the early part of the 1960's. In 1962, he released two singles that were local hits in Toronto and received some airplay elsewhere in Canada as well. "(Remember Me) I'm the One" reached number 3 on CHUM radio in Toronto in July 1962 and was also a top 20 hit on Montreal's CKGM, then a very influential Canadian Top 40 radio station. The follow-up single was "Negotiations"/"It's Too Late, He Wins"; it reached number 27 on CHUM in December. He also sa