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Hole - Live In New Orleans - 1994

Courtney Love may be the stuff of celebrity and show business gossip these days, she certainly seems to have found her own personal 'self destruct' switch, and flicked it a few times. All of which can easily overshadow the fact that with the band Hole , she recorded some good alternative rock songs along the way, some even Grammy award nominated. Live Hole were more than capable of being the 'grunge' act, however their 'rough' and sometimes 'edgy' sound, was more than complemented by some tight and professional musicianship. In June 1994 just four months before this recording, Hole appeared at the Reading Festival in England. Legendary British DJ John Peel wrote the following about that particular day: "Courtney's first appearance backstage certainly caught the attention. Swaying wildly and with lipstick smeared on her face, hands and, I think, her back, as well as on the collar of her dress, the singer would have drawn whistles of astonishment