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Melby - Goan Dogs - Venus Furs

Melby - Old Life. Stockholm four-piece Melby have constantly been growing since their debut with catchy single 'Human' in 2016. In 2019, the band released their acclaimed debut record 'None of this makes me worry' which was followed by tour dates all over Europe. Cancelled tours in 2020 lead to the band working on new material in a new way. 'Common Sense' was released in December and 'Old Life' now follows alongside an animated music video made by Isabelle Friberg. On the melancholic folk inspired 'Old Life', Melby continues to cement their role as one of the most interesting Scandinavian acts around, a band so home and accomplished within their sound that they're now ready to continue to experiment with it without losing their characteristic. The new material was mainly written and straight-away recorded in the studio in close collaboration with producer Alexander Eldefors, this is a completely new way for a band that previously in many case

Little Kid - Goan Dogs

Little Kid have just released their new single 'All Night (Golden Ring)' and it's a gentle mix of folk and understated Americana with wonderful dual vocals. === From Bristol, England quintet Goan Dogs we have their brand new breathtaking, creative and vibrant song 'Zombies'. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Little Kid - All Night (Golden Ring). Though Toronto's Little Kid have been bubbling under in DIY circles since 2011 the band are beginning to garner widespread international attention since their signing to Solitaire Recordings (Common Holly, Kate Davis) earlier this year. Led by songwriter Kenny Boothby the band built a cult audience through performances with artists like Car Seat Headrest, Horse Jumper of Love, Fog Lake and Half Waif, and a prolific output of idiosyncratic home recordings, before signing to the label earlier this year. They have since released two singles, the stand alo