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Weekend Wonders: Saint Marilyn - Lori Cullen - Navy Gangs - Matt Stillert - Winter

Saint Marilyn - Frustrate Me. Background promo - Brooklyn-based synth-pop duo Saint Marilyn released their track "Frustrate Me". The single marries hazy psych-pop synths, dub scattered drumbeats and spine-chilling vocals. Vocalist/drummer Che Houston opened up to them about the track: “We wanted there to be an indecisive aspect to the way the synthesizers bend and move, to emulate the fluctuations of emotion in a personal conflict." After releasing their EP 'Shoshone' last year, the band flourished with a dancy high-energy live-show, integrating live drums and bass into their sound, and making rounds at popular New York venues. "Frustate Me" comes ahead of a full-length release, set to come out in 2017, which will see them experimenting with elements of house and psych-pop. They'll play two New York dates this month, at C'mon Everybody on October 18th, and at Bowery Electric on October 25th. Facebook here . 'Frustrate Me' is a synth