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Layla Frankel - The Furious Seasons - Scott Ruth - Ayla

Layla Frankel - To Disregard. Background - Born in Los Angeles and raised in a musical family in Chicago, Folk/Soul songwriter and vocalist Layla Frankel has been delighting audiences of all ages for as long as she can remember. A performer from a young age, she appeared on her father, Joel Frankel’s, children’s records and often joined him on stage.  As a teenager, with her formal training in choirs and range of musical influences, Layla began composing songs and quickly developed her own vocal style.  She later attended the University of Illinois where she started as a jazz studies major with a vocal concentration, but soon realized that her passion lay not only in music, but in songwriting. She began to focus on creative writing and poetry while also singing in big bands and jazz combos - gaining experience as a songwriter and as a band leader.  Between 2013 to 2015, Layla honed her craft as a songwriter, creating a body of music including the tracks on her debut EP, Tame the Fo

The Furious Seasons - Look West (Album Release)

The Furious Seasons - Longshot. Background bio - The Furious Seasons "look west" biography "David Steinhart's been a perennial cottage industry goldmine for those who carry torches for soft, finely crafted, windswept pop. David writes and sings warm, literate, sober, preoccupied folk pop, always well-crafted..." Jack Rabid/The Big Takeover "David is still one of my nominations for best relationship lyricist, but he's become one of the rare ones to let adulthood and marriage inform songs that would previously have capitalised on failure and youth." The War Against Silence The Furious Seasons' 5th release, "look west" is a perfect departure from last years lush and orchestrated "My Love is Strong".  With "look west" David Steinhart's penchant for catchy melodies and story line lyrics are still firmly intact but this time they are tackled by an acoustic trio that highlights the stories and creates a warmth that