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Heavy Heart - Deux Furieuses - The Ghosts - Curse Of Lono - Earth Girl Helen Brown

Heavy Heart have a new release entitled 'Cry Ice'. Combining melodic dream pop with hints of alt rock that gradually builds, this is a gently paced track that begs for a second listen. 'Year Of Rage' by Deux Furieuses is a high octane rocker that packs emotion and power as this duo combine to create some potent rock and roll. The Ghosts have shared 'We Lie To Ourselves' accompanied by an imaginative video that works so well with the song. Musically there is a fresh indie rock feel, it's no surprise that the band are attracting plenty of attention.  This is our second Curse Of Lono 'Live at Toe Rag Studios' feature, last month we shared 'Blackout Fever' and they return now with ' I'd Start A War For You', which is another refined and mellow Americana styled song. Earth Girl Helen Brown return for a sixth time on Beehive Candy, this time with an E.P. called 'Uranus' plus a video for 'Oh! What A War' an epi

The Soft Underground - Earth Girl Helen Brown - Silent Forum

The Soft Underground - Ghosts. Background - NYC-based The Soft Underground may hail from the outskirts of Manhattan, but have been hailed as modern decedents of the touchtone bands from Seattle’s 90’s alternative scene. Formed in 2010 by drummer, Andrew McCarty and guitarist, Charlie Hickey, the band quickly began to write, perform and record original music. Their mode of working involved perfecting their musical beds and then casting the correct guest vocalist for each song, working in the rock genre in a similar way that French electro innovators Air recruit collaborators for their tracks. Guests have included Nick Redmond (Star & Micey), Brannon Barnett (The StoneCoats) and Rick Steff (Lucero, The Afghan Whigs, Hank Williams Jr.) What emerged from these collaborations was unique yet accessible to the mainstream, and their debut album, 2015’s Lost in Translation, garnered positives nods from The Big Takeover, Music Street Journal and Alt Nation. The latter was quick to nail

Abbey Baker - Archie and The Bunkers - Earth Girl Helen Brown - Trevor Hall - Paul Littlewood

Abbey Baker - Tell Me How. Background - Emerging Sydney songstress, Abbey Baker, is set to confidently stun audiences with her endearing indie-pop records. Poised by a passion and skill for songwriting, Abbey’s artistry is propelled by honest and clever lyricism, and her ability to seamlessly transcend genres of soul, indie-pop, funk and jazz. Abbey’s sound is a gorgeous cocktail of heartfelt vocals and delicate piano driven melodies, perfectly complemented by angelic layers of harmonies, soft pop rhythms, and subtle synth productions. Recently, the singer-songwriter stepped out onto the music scene with her infectious debut track Tell Me How. “The song is about my experience of being in that early stage of a relationship, where I am all in and the other person isn’t. I explore the feelings of frustration and insecurity that I felt, a situation in which many others may have experienced”, Abbey reveals. The track was recorded at Main Street Studios in Wollongong produced by Xavier La

Ann'so M - Fine China - The Beaucrees - Earth Girl Helen Brown

Ann'so M - Screw You. Background - Ann'so M in a few references: A electro-pop-rock duo not soft knee, sung by an artist reminiscent of a French Pat Benatar. Many concerts given in jails, festivals, Coffee Scenes ... Prestigious collaborations including a very nervous song that has benefited from the talent of Louis Bertignac (Telephone). Captivating riffs and a groaning six-string, all led by a voice, that of a flayed skin, with an engaged pen. "Au coeur du système" Inspired by the events of recent years, Ann'so M offers five assertive songs raging and addictive to heady melodies. Five years after "Dans des artères", Ann'so enchants on some titles in the language of Shakespeare. From her frenglish accent, she claims her continentalism. This EP is an invitation to think for yourself. "At a time when social networks can reveal themselves as a source of the most precarious thoughts, is religion an obstacle to reason? In the same way, the man is

Arms Akimbo - Earth Girl Helen Brown - A Million Machines - Magic Wands

Arms Akimbo - Parachute. Background - Arms Akimbo's newest song "Parachute" is a song about "what you get when you have a lot of emotion to funnel through a really small outlet." Arms Akimbo's previous release "Michigan" went viral on Spotify with over 750,000 plays and gained them the opportunity to open for The Animals (Eric Burdon) at The Santa Monica Pier. Pay-to-play pushed the music scene east and it left the glam of Hollywood behind.  The Hyatt on Sunset is now the Andaz West Hollywood, the Whiskey is pretty much just metal bands, and the House of Blues was torn down to make room for a high rise hotel.  This paradigm shift led to a new creative identity for L.A. musicians.  Fans became friends. Dive bars became hometown venues. Bands stopped competing and started a community.  They turned their focus to what matters most: good music. This is the L.A. scene that Arms Akimbo comes from. Arms Akimbo is a 4-piece rock outfit comprised of Pete

Earth Girl Helen Brown - The Stevens - People Like You

Earth Girl Helen Brown - Flower Of Darkness. Background - "Flower Of Darkness" is the new single from Earth Girl Helen Brown. The track will be featured on her forthcoming EP entitled 'Mars' out July 21st on Empty Cellar Records. 'Mars' follows EGHB's recently released EP 'Mercury'. Empty Cellar Records and the Earth Girl Helen Brown Center for Planetary Intelligence Band are pleased to announce the summer instalment of the E.G.H.B.C.P.F.I.B. 2017 seasonal series, MARS.  Featuring Heidi Alexander, Tahlia Harbour, Sonny Smith, James Finch Jr., Jamin Barton, Tim Presley, John Dwyer, Jack Name, Dave Siteck, Ty Segall, Dylan Hadley and Mikal Cronin. MARS marks a change in style and content and is concerned with the persistent topic of war.  Available from Empty Cellar Records on limited edition 100% post-consumer recycled cassette tape 7/21, all proceeds benefit organisations committed to the cessation of violent conflict, the promotion of pea