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Dahlia Sleeps - Overflow (Album). Two years in the making and almost 6 years since their debut single, producer/writer Luke Hester and singer/writer Lucy Hill bring a new weight sonically with their debut album Overflow, depicting a new kind of freedom for the duo – from managing and coming to terms with mental health problems to experiencing love in all its forms despite them. With eclectic influences ranging from electronic acts including MOVEMENT, Autechre and Burial to the lyrically poetic works of Florence + the Machine, Radiohead and The National, Dahlia Sleeps shift seamlessly between genres; from dance to electronic to pop. Across the album's track listing, Dahlia Sleeps have collaborated with Jacob Oak Welsh (drummer/producer from The Hics), cellist/bassist/guitarist/pianist Mat Roberts, and pianist Edward Cross. Speaking more on the upcoming album, the band said: "The title Overflow was chosen because this is a record that features a lot of struggle, fight, bravery,

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Dahlia Sleeps - The Calm You Keep. London based duo Dahlia Sleeps release new track "The Calm You Keep", the latest cut to be heard from the band's debut album Overflow, out 8th April. A pensive, indie-rock track "The Calm You Keep" is the album's closing song and completes the record in cathartic fashion. A stunning examination into motherhood; vocalist Lucy Hill captures the poise of a mother supporting her child through mental ill-health, with the lines "I climbed into your bed, just like a child I laid and wept / You did not show your fear, you knew the sun was somewhere near". Filled with nostalgic electric guitar and live drums it paints images of a dreamlike world - "It's a portrait of a parent providing the calm within the storm; half a Dalí-esque soundscape from within an unwell mind, half a paradise of safety”, Lucy says of the track. Two years in the making and almost 6 years since their debut single, producer/writer Luke Heste

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Dahlia Sleeps - Too Good To Hide. London based duo Dahlia Sleeps today announce their long-awaited debut album, Overflow. Two years in the making and almost 6 years since their debut single, producer/writer Luke Hester and singer/writer Lucy Hill will release Overflow in two parts – the first of which will be out on October 19th, with the B-side to follow early in 2022. Accompanying the album announcement is new single "Too Good To Hide". The track unfurls beautifully; partnering smoky atmospherics and soaring guitars with rich live percussion and a haunting string section, "Too Good To Hide" dissects how mental ill-health can hold us back and keep us repeating the same painful patterns, as the song builds elegantly towards its stunning crescendo. Of the new single, singer Lucy Hill said: “Too Good To Hide is a song about running towards turmoil instead of towards the light. So often it is a battle to build the life we want because trauma or mental health issues ke

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Dahlia Sleeps - Storm. Background - Dahlia Sleeps return with the news of new EP ‘Love, Lost’ - set for release December 3rd via Beatnik Creative. Recorded and produced in the band’s own basement studio in South London, the EP news arrives today alongside the release of its stunning lead single, ‘Storm’. Written about the blurred boundaries that we so often encounter when two hearts or two bodies meet, it’s a song that was formed initially on the piano in singer Lucy Hill’s living room. Luke Hester, the bands producer then built the beautiful instrumental piece around it the very next day. Hester's haunting, skeletal electronic production, paired with Hill’s delicate, soulful vocal make for a stunning partnership - and signifies a new dawn for the band. “It’s a song that feels truly us - I feel this comfort in it that I don’t think I’ve felt before”, says Lucy. “I’ve been reading a tonne of poetry in the last year or so and that's massively inspired me to step up in my wri