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The Bangles - Live In New York 1986

This is the second live concert by The Bangles featured here on Beehive Candy. I was surprised just how popular the 1983 concert has been in terms of downloads, this however is from the band around their most popular period, with Manic Monday, and Walk Like An Egyptian becoming major hits for the band both sides of the Atlantic. This gig took place in New York, USA, during 1986, sorry I do not have venue or date details. Source: FM radio broadcast. Sound Quality: Very good quality stereo @192kbps mp3. Genre: Rock to pop - all girl group. Set: Just over 57 minutes so possible radio edit, however this amounts to sixteen songs. Set List: 01 - Let It Go (2:47) 02 - Restless (2:48) 03 - Walking Down Your Street (3:21) 04 - James (3:24) 05 - He's Got A Secret (3:30) 06 - September Girls (2:54) 07 - If She Knew What She Wants (4:26) 08 - Return Post (5:07) 09 - In A Different Light (2:34) 10 - Going Down To Liverpool (3:56) 11 - Live (2:45) 12 - Angels Don't Fall In Love (2:59) 1

The Bangles - California USA - 1983

This is The Bangles live a couple of years before they hit the big time, with 'Manic Monday'. Having morphed from The Bangs (for legal reasons), the band was part of the so called 'Paisley Underground' scene in LA, which featured groups that played a mixture of 1960s influenced folk-rock and jangle pop with a more modern punk/ garage band undertone. This is the band performing in Valencia, which a quick google suggests, is a pretty up market and wealthy location, sorry I do not know the specific venue. In actual fact the band played two shows on this date, and I am pleased to have both of them to share, hence some songs appear twice, however they are very much to individual performances. This is The Bangles - Valencia, CA, USA on the 27th May 1983. Set lists are as follows: Early Show: Mary Street Hazy shade of winter I'm in line Where were you when I needed you Restless Live Dover Beach The Real world All about you Tell me Want you How i