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Verge Collection - Lesley Barth - Folia

Verge Collection - So Vain. Background - Off the back of a buzzing sold out national tour for first single 'For The Story', Verge Collection announce their latest tune 'So Vain', from their highly anticipated debut LP 'Flanuer' (out March 30).   The brand new follow up single - which premiered on triple j's Home & Hosed with Dom Alessio on Monday and online with Pilerats yesterday - is a two minute banger that see's the  Perth indie-pop natives flip the bird to judgmental folks. Drawing on an awkward party experience, songwriter and band front-man Ben Arnold finds humour in a petty argument with a pretentious party-goer where he claims he "was getting razzed by someone that had a superiority complex." 'So Vain' acts as a helping hand, urging the listener to move towards something bigger; something greater than the predictable sameness of current life. With a presence that's cemented itself wholly in the suburban Australian wh