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The Sisters Of Mercy - Amsterdam 1983.

This is the second of five mainland European dates The Sisters Of Mercy performed, during their 'Trans Europe Excess Tour'. The band who started performing live in 1981, had already developed a strong following with several independent single and EP releases, often being 'hailed' in the UK indie press of that time. Playing at the excellent venue The Paradiso, Amsterdam, on the 28th August 1983, this boot has apparently also circulated as 'Napalm Gods', 'Possession', and 'Live In Amsterdam', along with this copy entitled 'Beware The Ghost'. Source: Sound board recording. Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3 @ 320kbps. Genre: Post punk, Gothic Rock. Set: Majority of concert (cannot confirm if full set). Set List: 1. Burn. 2. Valentine. 3. Anaconda. 4. Heartland. 5. Alice. 6. Emma. 7. Temple of Love. 8. Floorshow. 9. Adrenochrome. 10. Gimme Shelter. 11. Kiss the Carpet. 12. Body Electric. 13. Lights. 14. Sister Ray / Louie Louie / Ghost