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Yonatan Gat - AHI - Shriekback - The Goon Sax

Yonatan Gat - Cue The Machines. Background - Yonatan Gat recently shared his new album Universalists' opening track "Cue the Machines". The undefinable track opens with an Italo-Spanish choir recorded by Alan Lomax in 1950s Genoa – but it only takes 20 seconds for the voices get manipulated, chopped and mangled beyond recognition into stuttering rhythms below Yonatan's live band – guitar, bass, saxophone and drums working up an uncontrollable maelstrom of punk and free jazz. Since his days as co-founder of legendary Israeli garage-rockers Monotonix, Gat's music has always had a strong sense of chaos. Getting his start in a band that was wild enough to get banned from their home country has certainly sipped into Gat's manner as a bandleader. And the far-and-wide world travels that come with playing over 1500 shows in 50 countries and 5 continents made another mark on his sound. Universalists lists numerous collaborators, the most important of which being S