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Armonite - Charly Bliss - Dan Franklin - Doe Paoro - Stonefield - The Venus Fly Trap

Armonite - Freaks / Clouds collide. Background - Instrumental violin rockers Armonite hail from Pavia, Italy, a place entrenched in musical history. Like their classical predecessors, they employ no voice, lyrics or guitars in their compositions, yet the band actively pushes their craft forward with a blend of electronic, world, and progressive rock. Spearheaded by the duo of composer Paolo Fosso and violinist Jacopo Bigi, both classically-trained musicians, Armonite seeks to tap into a modern universal language, removing all barriers to reveal a sound that is visceral and direct. While Jacopo was obtaining his Master’s in Violin Performance, pushing the boundaries of classical protocol by using the electric violin to achieve a distorted guitar tones, Paolo was mining the burgeoning technological side of music. “Since I was a child, I’ve loved music tech” Paolo reflects. “Programming in Basic on the Commodore-64, moving into sampling on a 4-Channel, I’ve followed it all the way in