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Knife in the Water - Caitlin Quisenberry - Lavender Diamond - Jack Conman - Secret Sun - Jess Locke

Knife in the Water have just released a new single entitled 'Tears Won't Make the Cotton Grow' and it's an enchanting soulful slice of moody country rock. ===== We featured Caitlin Quisenberry last month with 'Imogene' and she returns now with the energised 'Get Loud With Me' where country pop resonates powerfully. ===== Lavender Diamond make their third appearance on Beehive Candy this year with 'In The Garden' a beautiful song with exquisite vocals and a gorgeous musical arrangement. ===== From Manchester, England Jack Conman shares his brand new single 'Before You Love Me' and it really is something to immerse yourself in, with the singer songwriters vocals exuding intense emotion. ===== Secret Sun have shared a live session video for 'Little Pieces' taken from their new album 'Winter Love' released today, the song gives a good feel for what is a refined collection of indie genre spanning material ===== Jess Locke

Five On Thursday: Ruth Carp and The Fish Heads - Siamese - Knife in the Water - Trementina - Ravines

Ruth Carp and The Fish Heads - I'm So Scared. Background - Last week, Ruth Carp & The Fish Heads released "I'm So Scared," the first single from their upcoming album 'Can Men Like Us Go To Heaven.' The track speaks about the debilitating nature of anxiety, while the video captures Ruth Carp's isolationist attitude at a house party in Sydney's iconic suburb of Newtown. Ruth Carp & The Fish Heads combine elements of Australiana, with shoegaze and psych rock. 'Can Men Like Us Go To Heaven' is the follow up to the band's debut EP, 'It's This Or The Noose'. They will be on tour in the US this spring, with dates in Los Angeles, Austin (SXSW), Nashville, Chicago, New York, and more. Bandcamp here , Facebook here . Tour dates over on our tour page. 'I'm So Scared' might be described as lo-fi pysch rock, it's somewhere in that direction. The video and the song really do get across the sense of anxiety and