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Robert Earl Keen - Austin, Texas, 1988 to 1997

This is a selection of songs performed for Austin City Limits by Robert Earl Keen , at the Austin City Limits Studios, Austin, Texas, USA. None of these songs were included on the official release 'Live In Austin' which is from a 2001 concert recording. Robert Earl Keen first performed on Austin City Limits in 1988 as part of the Texas Showcase which included four other artists. This selection also includes sets recorded in 1994 and 1997. Trying to place Robert in one music genre is difficult, hence the various descriptions below, he can move from one style to another in a seamless manner. The musicians that work with him are part of the trick and his own down to earth style makes listening a joy. Songs like 'Road Goes On Forever' remind me of both Bob Dylan, and Emmylou Harris in terms of delivery and arrangement however he stamps his own style completely on each song. If Robert Earl Keen is new to you and you only half like anything 'Americana' then chec