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The Hempolics - JES - This Time - InBetween Movies - Beach Scvm - Soften

The Hempolics return only a couple of weeks after we shared 'Full Of Surprises,' with their second single from their second album due in April next year, this time we have 'Play On' where the soulful vocals, reggae vibes and more are simply splendid. === JES shares a video for an acoustic version of 'Imagination' with her melodic vocals and a whirling guitar giving the song a very different feel. === This Time have released 'Runaway' a sprightly alt rocker that has a no nonsense rock vibe and is tight and polished. === We finish with three artists from the Waterfall Of Colours record label beginning with InBetween Movies and a video for their recently released and gorgeous dream pop song 'Murmurs'. === From Beach SCVM we have 'Summer Jobs' a lo-fi pop song with hints of shoegaze and plenty of hooks. === Finally Soften have released a refined indie folk piece entitled 'True Love' which gradually adds a little more musical rich