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Charlotte Jacobs - Hannah Scott - Ladderman - Adwaith + Massimo Silverio - Francis Lung - Petey and Miya Folick

Charlotte Jacobs - Other Half. Charlotte Jacobs is sharing the music video for her new single, "Other Half". Charlotte describes the track as, "I think this song is about being close to another half- which can be another person, but I think also another part of yourself, and I think the images used in the video translates the music really well." Brooklyn-by-Belgium vocalist Charlotte Jacobs transposes her world into music. Sights, movements, sounds and places coalesce, reflecting the artist’s surroundings in lush electronic unison. Born and raised in her parents’ art gallery in a small village in the Flanders countryside, Jacobs’ dense avant-pop arrangements pull influence from visual art, poetry and contemporary dance, converting one artistic medium into another. After spending several years performing in Belgian electronic trio SEIREN while studying jazz vocals at The Royal Conservatory of Ghent, Jacobs began writing her own material, experimenting with vocal man

Rachel Beck - Seablite - Arabnormal - Adwaith - Vundabar - Ted Jasper

Rachel Beck shares 'Warrior' where her beautifully distinctive vocals glide above a refined musical backdrop. === Less than a month since we featured 'Skeleton Couch' Seablite are back with 'High Rise Mannequins' and again their mixture of dream pop and shoegaze impress. === Arabnormal have a pretty unique opening for 'Digital Veil' on the video version of the song. I think I'll stick to the audio version in the longer term but it's well worth seeing. === The trio Adwaith release 'Lan y Môr' tomorrow on Welsh Music Day, and it's a natural rocker that packs plenty of feeling. === We shared a song from Vundabar back in 2017 so it's been a while however 'Petty Crime' is a catchy and slick indie rocker, so welcome back. === From Ted Jasper we have the intimate and intricately arranged 'Stone Cold Kisses', it's a taste of what's to come on his 'Equinox' E.P next month and a very fine one at that. ---

Lio Nicol - Simian Ghost - Adwaith - Eckhardt And The House - Ruby Fray

Lio Nicol - They Sent You Back Down. Background - Firstly a quote about the Video “‘They Sent You Back Down’ is a reflection on what it’s like to have a soul mate, someone that knows you so well it seems too good to be true- someone you can do anything and everything with. Almost like they’re an angel sent back down to be in your life.” Secondly a reminder about Lio Nicol, the words may seen familiar for some of you. With honest yet quirky lyrics, she has found a way to reflect her sense of humour while maintaining her grace, setting her apart from other singer-songwriters. After a few semesters of studying biology at the University of Montana, Nicol left her hometown of Missoula and relocated to California in 2010 to pursue a career in music. A talented pianist and guitarist, Lio Nicol has found her greatest passion lies within songwriting. Inspired by the legendary Diane Warren, Nicol’s songwriting is a reflection of her thoughts, heartbreak, and love. Her powerhouse vocals an

Quality Not Quantity: Calling All Astronauts - Adwaith - Cassady Southern

Calling All Astronauts - Life As We Know It. Background - 2016 has been another fantastic year for West London Electro Punks Calling All Astronauts. It has seen the release of their widely acclaimed second album “Anti-Social Network” Their single Empire hit #2 in the Official European Indie Chart, they’ve had two #1s in the Hype Machine Twitter Chart, they headlined the Bandstand Stage on the final night of Beautiful Days Festival. They have seen their Twitter following swell to over 500,000. They round off the year with their ninth single, “Life As We Know It” released via Supersonic Media on Dec 23rd in which we see a more mellow, electronic side to these usually noisy rockers. The single is backed by three remixes and would you believe a “shuffle” video. “We are not a band to release the same single over and over, yes they all sound like us, but we are very eclectic in our influences and I hope our music reflects this” David CAA. Website here , Facebook here . The original ve