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Lauren Monroe - The Slackers - Maddisun - Cynthia Hamar - Cozy Slippers

Lauren Monroe - Void Of Course. With messages of healing and exploring the multiple facets of love - both dark and light - Messages from Aphrodite by Lauren Monroe will be released on September 9, 2022. In anticipation of the album, she has released the new video “Void of Course.”  The term “void of course” is an astrological term defining a state of the moon where it appears isolated as it transitions away from one planet and moves toward another. Monroe used this as a metaphor to explore the struggle of an unhealthy relationship. “I thought it was important to explore the shadow side of love, which is painful but has gifts for us to receive. The lyrics tell the tale of feeling void of connection and wanting to leave a toxic partner but not having the inner power to go through with it,” she explains. “In these darker textures of emotion and pain can live tremendous potential to see oneself and become stronger.” One of the most rock-based songs on the album, “Void of Course” offers li