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The Beehive Candy Interview: In Letter Form

In Letter Form - Wait Now. Back in May we featured the song 'Face In The Crowd' taken from In Letter Form's eleven song album 'Fracture. Repair. Repeat'. We commented at the time "this is one very cool album, full of post punk sounds, that at times veer towards a darker Gothic feel, and sometimes a crisper early indie rock feel" . From the album we are pleased to share 'Wait Now' and we were pleased to take the opportunity, to ask the band a few questions earlier this week. Here is the interview in full: Just what is it that makes the likes of Joy Division, Bauhaus, and Echo and the Bunnymen inspire your music?   These bands are among the core music we grew up listening to, so it's hard wired, in a way. None of us ever set out to write songs that showcase these influences, it just has a way of emerging. It's a beautiful thing and sometimes a hindrance as reviewers sometime cling to these influences and ironically become just as d

Globetrotting: In Letter Form - Citizen of the World - Man Is Not A Bird

In Letter Form - Face In The Crowd. Background promo - Drawing influence from the works of The (early) Cure, Joy Division, Bauhaus, New Order, Echo and the Bunnymen, Interpol et al, they produce a sound that echoes the past, haunts the present and is constantly in the future. Reflecting on past deeds; some well intentioned while others, not. The ways we had been wronged or the choice to see it that way because sometimes that's easier than the truth. The prose and cons of having thin skin to protect a thick heart, put "in letter form" perhaps? A love letter? An anti love letter? Hate mail? A photograph? A song? An exclamation of the joy of life? A suicide note? The bay area based foursome considers their formation a fortunate turn of events, as they were all experiencing heartbreak on some level when they came together. In Letter Form draws influence from the works of Joy Division, Bauhaus, and Echo and the Bunnymen. The single, “Face In The Crowd,”  blends their po