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Debra-Jean Creelman - Grimm Grimm - Albon - Novanta

Debra - Jean Creelman has released a video for 'Smoke' ahead of her 'Triggers & Mirrors' E.P. due out on November 29th. This is refined electro pop the musical layers cleverly arranged whilst the vocals add passion and melody. === Grimm Grimm has just released 'The Ghost Of Madame Legros'  which features Laetitia Sadier, it's a dreamy and creative piece, one that just feels irresistible. === LA singer-songwriter Albon has a brand new song entitled 'Call Me Up'. It's a refreshing and bright sounding piece, a little like The Beach Boy's reborn in the 21st century. === We have featured Novanta just once before back in 2016, and the new song 'Lovers' brings us up to date, musically this is a notable leap forward as they creatively span across genres. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Debra - Jean Creelman - Smoke. Although she’s been making music professionally for 25 ye

Quality Not Quantity: Novanta - Introflirt

Novanta - Goðafoss. Background promo - Two years after releasing 'Best-Selling Dreams' to wide acclaim around the world, Novanta will soon release his new album 'Hello We’re Not Enemies' on Seashell Records. The first single from this release is 'Goðafoss'. Novanta is Manfredi Lamartina, a musician who is originally from Palermo but has been based in Milan for many years now. On this album, Novanta further evolves his sound, falling effortlessly between shoegaze, post-rock and electronica. This release underlines the importance of empathy as its core idea. In a period where human relationships are often based on aggression and on the division between “us” and “them”, here we find that we’re not enemies. This album is also an expression of love towards Iceland, a country where Manfredi Lamartina spent some time traveling last year. "Goðafoss is about a man who wants to be a god, shaking the world and erasing all the evil. But mankind is indifferent to e